Monday, March 2, 2009

GOOD times....

we had a very nice turnout on saturday. thanks to all those who stopped by. house is still holes in the walls...nobody fell off the roof terrace or in the pond. no fights....
GOOD times.

amazing thing is..many of the neighbors dropped by to introduce themselves...and to let us know how much they love the house. thats great and all but kind of disappointing because we dont have any stories to tell of protests with people chanting no gas stations or office buildings in their neighborhood. nobody had to move away because they get sick everytime they drive by...nothing. just "wow...we love it" thats no fun.

more pics soon.



Anonymous said...

Hold on - is this you with the long beard?
Congratulations for the house! Wish I could have attended your party. However, I follow on the blog!
Have a good start in your new home!
Cheers, Monika

chill said...

indeed it is. cant shave until we that might be a few more years or until i find some other reason to be lazy and not shave.

how are you?

Anonymous said...

So I must say I'm very jealous I didn't get to be one of those people praising your FANTASTIC house on saturday. So, I'm going to do it now. The house looks amazing and I'm pretty sure I'm going to make an attempt to drive by it when I'm in town for spring break. Good luck finishing it.

Bravo, Hannah