Tuesday, February 17, 2009


well...here it is....

for a long time we tried to get the city to let us do away with the garage requirements. no deal. city requires a minimum 2 car garage of some odd s.f. NO carports although there are several next to me that have them. there is no maximum size of garage needed. i inquired about putting a 10 car garage in the back and the guys at the city thought that would be ‘awesome’. another annoying thing about it is that if i cut down the trees in the back and put a long drive and slab behind the house then i don’t have to have anything at all. also cant have a linear tandem garage either...so this is what we came up with. don’t have any budget for it so tried to do something that had a modicum of integrity. Simple painted exposed studs, wrapped with white chloroplast, 1” strips of the last massaranduba scraps, and a block wall in front to try and screen it from the street and connect it to the house. Chester Reed (mason) hooked me up with the wall this week and I will work on some drawings for him. Good trade. Looks fantastic at night with the lights on….


Michael said...

You killed the tree!


I used to set my water bottles and gatorades on that tree after sweatin my butt off.

Either way, the garage is still not that bad for what you had to work with. Well done Mud Man.
I will stop by some time to check it out.


chill said...

mr russo....was tinking about you the other day when we stripped out a screw...rrrrrrrrrrrrrusso! party in two weeks mang. sat feb 28 at the house.