Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mas ROJO

finished with the red paneling (sans doors and drawers that will come after C.O.) turned out pretty well considering they parallel Robin's millwork. kitchen island is in. Darrell helped me with kitchen countertops made from scrap massaranduba which seems to be the material of choice. ill try and finish tomorrow. starting to put finish flooring in - cheap bamboo on wall and ceiling in picture above. Lothar (electrician) will wrap up this week hopefully. concrete guys pour the last of the flatwork and ac pad in the morning. Lumber for garage was dropped off today. LIFE IS GOOD....except the part about being broke.


Anonymous said...

i am so jealous. it looks freakin awesome!!!!
whens the party?
i feel a road trip comin on

chill said...

thanks for the comment..i was beginning to think nobody ever came to this site. no need for jealousy bro. party invites going out soon. gring some friends...especially those with too much money on their hands who need a new house, studio, restaurant, doghouse, kitchen, outhouse, lakehouse, or perhaps a garage remodeled. see you in a couple of weeks. bring some torchy's.


Anonymous said...