Sunday, November 9, 2008

action update

we have been moving really slowly the past 6 months or so due to lack of funds. we are starting to see the light. we will list the house soon if anybody is interested..let me know.

this is a shot from the spring in the back. almost finished with the rainscreen. ran out of wood but will order the rest this week.

check back soon for more pics.


by the way...the house is located in arlington, TX.

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Project FilO said...

Photos look nice. I asked you before about your siding but we decided to stay with ipe for our project. Your last post said you were listing---I thought it was going to be your house? I'm sure it will be difficult to walk away from such a beautiful home. I've enjoyed following its progress. Our future home is not as architecturally interesting as yours (budget made sure of that)... Our blogsite is