Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more black



building-on-a-beer-budget said...

Did you use vaproshield on your home? If so, which one (Wallshield, Wrapshield)? How many layers did you put and were they stapled down? May I ask what it costs per sqft and/or roll?
Our architect has us using this for our home as a rainscreen under ipe siding. Your home looks great by the way!

chill said...

we used vaproshield...wall shield...black...two plys...stapled down as per manuf. spec. the runners are really what secures it to the walls. very easy to work with. expensive..around 300 bucks per roll. hardly a beer budget but well worth it. the wood is masseranduba. same properties as ipe but red and 30% cheaper.

good luck.

building-on-a-beer-budget said...

Thanks for the information. I figured the rolls would run about $400. Fortunately, the ipe is only on a small portion of the house.
Good luck with your project.